November 3, 2013

These Men Make Me Think It is Time to Grow Up


Nate (14) and Micah (16)
Four Three and a half years. Count them. Three and a half is all I have left before these guys are officially "adults."

It is unbelievable to me that it is possible that both of our sons are in high school, teenagers, boys that have grown into men. They have made the leap from baby fuzz to shaving, dirty t-shirts and jeans to designer clothes and their very own styles, sweaty and stinky to long showers and smelling of cologne. Now I understand there is still quite a process to complete here but it seems we have started over the hill and are looking back over our shoulders at the glory days. It is almost too much for this mama to handle.

I have and still do love being a mom and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I am just sensing that it is time to be intentional about sorting through dreams, plans, good intentions to determine which are truly from the Lord, meant to be fulfilled and which are not. It is a redefining of sorts. It's exciting and it's even a bit intimidating. We shall see what comes out in the wash as they say...

Seeing my sons step into manhood challenges me to pray for discernment and courage as I think it may be time to FINALLY grow up.