November 28, 2010

The First Snow

Yesterday, as we were just finishing decorating our cute, little Christmas tree Marc announced to the boys that it was snowing outside. The boys responded by squealing and begging to go outside. Of course, we could not refuse their sweet, excited, faces so off they went.
The boys were so EXCITED! 
There was barely enough to cover the ground but enough for rolling around in.

Not really dressed for the occasion.

Trying to find enough to make a snowball.

SNOW....I can't hardly believe it.
Three months ago we had just arrived back to the U.S. and were sweating from summer heat.
Now, the boys are overjoyed with the idea of snowboarding, sledding, and building snowmen and forts.
It's going to be a FUN winter.

November 23, 2010

Taking Time for Thanksgiving

Coming back into the country and trying to resettle brings with it many items needing attention. There are suitcases to unpack, licenses to obtain, vehicles to register, school paperwork to process, doctors to find, rountines to establish, friendships to rekindle, thank yous to be said, traveling to be done......You get the idea. At this point it seems the list is never-ending. But I am taking a pause. I have determined that I am going to take time for Thanksgiving. Not just the holiday but the attitude of heart. I have so much to be thankful for and with a heart full of gratitude is where I hope to find myself this Thanksgiving holiday.

My God has treasured me, and graced me with many, merciful blessings so I thank Him for His love poured out into my life.

My God, I thank you
For Family
For Friends
For Health
For Children
For Freedom
For the Honor to Worship
For Your Enduring Love


November 19, 2010

Traveling to "Home"

Well I am finally home in NH. It seems odd to say that but the boys and I are so happy to be back with Marc and to us wherever our family is together is home so for now here it is.

This week wrapped up six weeks of travel for the boys and I and we are ready to unpack and stop living out of a suitcase for a while. We have traveled through NH, TN, FL, MO, CO, OR, WA, GA, SC, NC, VA, W. VA, PA, MD, NY, and VT and it is very possible I left some out. Regardless, I thought I would just share a few photos of our time visiting friends, supporters and family.

Amish Country in Pennsylvania


Ethan in Florida

Nate's healed leg (on the right) at Shriner's Hospital in Florida

The boys with the Abitz kids in Florida

November 14, 2010

On the Road my new self

Tomorrow I begin my travels from Florida back to New Hampshire. It is time for the boys and I to join Marc in our new life. It seems so odd to be on the brink of this new adventure when a few months ago it was not even on my radar screen but isn't that how life is sometimes. The things we never expect or plan for usually end up being the best. I am believing that for our future in New Hampshire. It will be so different than the life we have been leading in Africa over the last several years yet it will be GOOD. How do I know that? Well, because God will be in it and HE IS GOOD. It may not always be easy and there will likely be difficulties but I can trust Him through them all. I feel as though I am being reidentified. Not sure that makes any sense but I have taken off "missionary" and now am eager and nervous to find out what I will next put on. The truth is God only wants me to wear the identity of Christ, as His daughter in all of it's fullness but sometimes that seems so difficult because it is so simple. That is going to take some learning for me but it is my heart desire. Pray for me to let Him show me how to do that.

November 8, 2010

My Teenager

This week we crossed a new milestone. Micah has become a teenager.
It seems so hard to believe because it feels like just yesterday that we moved to Mozambique for the first time(three weeks after our wedding), were learning what it was like to be newlyweds, and awaiting the arrival of our first baby(we got pregnant two months after getting married).
Some memories from my pregnancy and birth of this amazing teenager...
-Being clueless about what to expect but thankful for a friend, another missionary from Ireland, that taught me the basics.
-Being so tired because I was also anemic that I felt like all I did was sleep.
-Knowing my "new" husband REALLY loved me because of the amounts of times he had to clean up after me from let's just say my nausea episodes.
-Visiting the doctor all the way in Zimbabwe for check-ups only three times the whole pregnancy.
-Having an ultrasound in Zimbabwe and asking the doctor what the sex of the baby was and being rebuked that it should not matter as long as the baby was healthy.
-Getting stung by a scorpion while pregnant.
-Having malaria and a badly sprained ankle that left me on crutches at the same time while staying at a guest house that did not have individual bathrooms....Again I found out how much my husband REALLY loved me.
-Staying at the farm where my doctor lived in community with other Christians and having supper with him.
-Eat frest strawberries and cream for breakfast every morning while waiting for the baby to come.
-Trying to convince the nurse at the hospital that even though she couldn't tell because she had no monitor I really was having contractions.
-Having to wait until the very time of delivery to go into the "delivery room" because there was only one and someone else may need it before me.
-Pushing for two hours and finally delivering a chubby, healthy baby boy.
-Immediately after giving birth be handed tea with milk and sugar to drink so I could get my energy back.
-Having the doctor pray over Micah and dedicate him to the Lord soon after delivery.

Some many memories. So many emotions. So many hopes. So many dreams. So much love for such a little person INSTANTLY.

I am so honored to call this TEENAGER, Micah, my son. He is an awesome young man full of love, forgiveness, gentleness, humor, friendliness, character, and Godliness. I am blessed to be his mom. Thank you Lord.

November 3, 2010

Beauty for Ashes

Last night as I lay awake in bed alone, the Lord was speaking to me that He promises me BEAUTY FOR ASHES. I am visiting at my parents house with the boys while Marc is in NH beginning the first phase of our new life, off the mission field. Somedays I don't really comprehend the changes we are going through yet and feel lost in a sea of not knowing who or what I am supposed to be now. I feel as though I am traveling and and simply enjoying another world for a while while my former life waits for me out there. Soon though, I will return to NH to begin our new life as well. I am not sure what it will be or look like or how it will all unfold. One thing I do know is that God promises BEAUTY FOR ASHES. Ashes to me are the things, times, identities in my life that have been burnt up, destroyed, something that formerly existed but is no more. At least not existing in the same form or manner. But I must remember that God promises us BEAUTY FOR ASHES. So although, I feel lost, and a little shaken He is not either of those. What ashes do I have to give Him? What things will I allow Him to transform into something beautiful, new, whole, fantastic? I look forward to God making the transformation and all He asks is that I willingly give Him the old and let Him build something new.