September 25, 2010

One Month in the States

Well, we have officially been in the States a little over a month now. It is an odd reality. It has been exciting, refreshing, and wonderful but also challenging, overwhelming, and humbling. I often find myself vascilating between celebrating some little thing like being able to be out at night without considering getting malaria and missing the simplier, slower pace of life in Mozambique. Sometimes it seems too much to take it all in and hard to even process the two completely opposite worlds. I find myself engaged in both and they seem to run parallel through my mind but I find it difficult when they intersect. For example entering the grocery store....In one way I am excited to find fresh fruits, veggies, familiar things that I have missed like sour cream, fresh milk, and the convenience of having just about anything I could want in an instant. In another way, I am overcome with emotion seeing how much is available and knowing that many I know will struggle just to have food for feeding their families and will possibly go to bed hungry TONIGHT.

My desire and I believe God's intention for me is to not feel guilty but for my heart to remain compassionate and stirred for those I love that suffer in the midst of poverty.

September 10, 2010

Riots in Mozambique....Pray for Peace!

You may have heard that last week there were several days of violent protests and riots of the rising costs of food and fuel in Mozambique. Those riots took place in our city of Chimoio as well according to the reports and friends accounts. Businesses, transportation etc were closed down while crowds gathered and protested rather violently. Our friends stayed in their homes for a few days to wait out the uprising and now say things have calmed down once again. A total of 13 people were killed and over 400 people were injured around Mozambique during the riots. In such a poverty stricken society where the majority of people struggle day to day just to find enough food to eat it is ripe to become volatile at any moment. We are thankful we did not have to experience it but ask that you pray for our friends, both foreigners and Mozambicans and for fellow missionaries that are still there serving in the midst of the chaos and pray for peace to reign in Mozambique.

September 1, 2010

Photos of Graca Sara....our Mozambican "granddaughter."

You may remember we mentioned that our "adopted" Mozambican son and his wife had their first baby shortly before we left Mozambique to return on furlough to the USA. Here are a few photos to enjoy.
Manuel and his wife Laurinda and baby Graca Sara (Sara Grace).

Beautiful Graca Sara

***Please pray that both mother and baby remain healthy and strong***

Back in the USA

We have been back in the USA for 9 days now. We are having a great time catching up with family, visiting stores and restaurants and getting readjusted to the different pace of life here. We are currently in Maine on vacation with family. I wanted to just give you a glimpse of our life the last few days.
Nate and his cousin Tailor setting up camp.

Family catching up.

Andrea's mom (back right) and her siblings.

The boys LOVING the soft grass and open spaces.

The cabin we all are staying in.

Our neice Kelli and brother in law, Joe.

Micah handing out balloons at our memorial bonfire for our Uncle Gayle that passed away this year.

Releasing the balloons.

The bonfire.

We miss our life in Africa but we are so happy to be reconnecting with family and loved ones and are grateful for our time here in the USA. We will be heading off tomorrow to New Brunswick, Canada to attend another family reunion. We appreciate your prayers as we travel and spend this time here.