October 31, 2010

What Africa Has Taught Me

The boys and I are in Florida now visiting my parents, friends and supporters. I have been trying to purposefully take some time to think about what Africa has taught me. It seems like so much yet it is hard to put into words but I will make an attempt at some of them. I think this may be an ongoing list.

1. Making new friends is so important. If you are open to God forming them it will not matter what color, language, culture or religious bent they possess.
2. We should treasure the simple pleasures we are granted in life.
3. God does not focus on what we are but who we are in relationship to Him.
4. There is an extravagant joy that can not be bought that I have seen some of the most physically and materially desperate people in the world possess.
5. Orphan's "teach" me how to persevere in life.
6. Love is what everyone longs for in life.
7. Family is a blessing and often you don't realize it until they are gone.
8. African's are forgiving when you attempt to speak their language.
9. The prayers of others strengthens you in desperate times.
10.God is always working details in our lives we just don't recognize them.
11.Coke can mean home to you.
12.Coffee time in the afternoon is a valuable ritual.
13.Simple courtesy and respect get you a long way in life.
14.When you live in a foreign country it does not matter what the laws of your home country are because things operate differently overseas. WAY DIFFERENT!
15. Taking time for conversation and genuine interest in others lives is a learned art.
16.It is wonderful to have fresh baked bread everyday.
17.Rats and bugs sometimes are just part of life. Get over it!
18.Gratefulness is important!
19.God loves all of His people throughout the world and is honored by simple faith.
20.I am pretty good at improvising.

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