August 24, 2011

One Simple Lesson this Year

Today marks one year since we left our life in Mozambique to return to the States. I can't believe it has been that long already. It has been a year of me trying to learn one simple lesson. I am a very slow learner. God knows my struggle. Being content right where He has called me to. I trust, because I know He knows. If I am confident He has called us to stay in the States for now (which I believe) then to be constantly thinking, dreaming of and hoping to return is not being content in the place I am now. It is a delicate balance to be sure. I do not want to forget Mozambique or those there or the things God taught me while there. I have fears of becoming the typical "American." I teeter on the edge of becoming consumed with things I do not feel are close to the heart of God. There is only so much Walmart, malls, restaurants can fill. There is always that longing deep within meant to filled by only Him. Maybe there lies the real challenge for me. Perhaps that is the real growing I need to do. Here, in this land of good and plenty, where I find it difficult to put off the things of the world, to not become distracted but instead remain focused on HIM alone. Resting in His leading for the moment. Not trying to be somewhere else. Not looking to a place or a person or even a calling to find contentment. But deciding in HIM alone, He is enough. Truly more than enough.

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