December 30, 2011

New Years

This year I seem to be approaching New Year's with a lot more reflection on the past and forethought for the year ahead. Maybe it's because I am getting older, maybe because I need to make some changes, or maybe because life has just been a little slower this year and I've had time to think. It seems I was drawn to ask myself some questions concerning my spiritual, physical and mental health. And then the list came together.

Here are a few things my heart tells me I need to make happen in the coming year:
  1. Consistent, longer daily times with the Lord.
  2. Experiment with more healthy cooking.
  3. Get regular physical exercise.
  4. Read more. Especially about things important to me.
  5. Make time and opportunity for important conversations with my boys.
  6. Learn some new skills like bread baking, crocheting.
  7. Do more scripture memorization.
  8. Continue "dating" my husband each month.

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