May 15, 2012

It's a Hard Life

This is Manuel with his wife and baby girl.
We have known Manuel since he was a boy.
He was an orphan at the first place we ever lived and ministered at in Mozambique-Maforga Christian Mission.
He has had a hard life but we are constantly amazed that he continues to press on. Regardless of the hardships of losing loved ones during the war, seeing unspeakable atrocities, growing up at an orphanage, suffering in poverty, robberies that have stripped away things he has worked hard for over and over, he has persevered. What a testimony. We will never truly understand what it is to live his life but we are so grateful that through it all he has remained a faithful friend and a faithful follower of the Lord.
What a blessing to see him continue reaching out the orphans in need around him with the little he has even when we are far removed...continents away.
What a joy to know he truly understands the gospel.

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