August 18, 2010

Honorary Mozambican Granny

Yesterday I became an honorary Mozambican granny. A young guy, Manuel, who we have known since our very first time in Mozambique back in 1997 and was a kid at the orphanage where we first worked and his wife Laurinda had their first baby yesterday morning. They live on the outskirts of town and had intended to go to the hospital but she had traveled out into the bush to see her parents and ended up going into labor and giving birth at their home. She and the baby are both doing well. They had a beautiful baby girl that I had the privlige of naming, Graca Sara (Sara Grace). They say she has my hair because it is so long. Sorry at this time I am unable to upload any photos but maybe when I return to the US I will be able to do so.

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Jackie said...

Congratulations Granny! That is awesome!