September 1, 2010

Back in the USA

We have been back in the USA for 9 days now. We are having a great time catching up with family, visiting stores and restaurants and getting readjusted to the different pace of life here. We are currently in Maine on vacation with family. I wanted to just give you a glimpse of our life the last few days.
Nate and his cousin Tailor setting up camp.

Family catching up.

Andrea's mom (back right) and her siblings.

The boys LOVING the soft grass and open spaces.

The cabin we all are staying in.

Our neice Kelli and brother in law, Joe.

Micah handing out balloons at our memorial bonfire for our Uncle Gayle that passed away this year.

Releasing the balloons.

The bonfire.

We miss our life in Africa but we are so happy to be reconnecting with family and loved ones and are grateful for our time here in the USA. We will be heading off tomorrow to New Brunswick, Canada to attend another family reunion. We appreciate your prayers as we travel and spend this time here.

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