September 10, 2010

Riots in Mozambique....Pray for Peace!

You may have heard that last week there were several days of violent protests and riots of the rising costs of food and fuel in Mozambique. Those riots took place in our city of Chimoio as well according to the reports and friends accounts. Businesses, transportation etc were closed down while crowds gathered and protested rather violently. Our friends stayed in their homes for a few days to wait out the uprising and now say things have calmed down once again. A total of 13 people were killed and over 400 people were injured around Mozambique during the riots. In such a poverty stricken society where the majority of people struggle day to day just to find enough food to eat it is ripe to become volatile at any moment. We are thankful we did not have to experience it but ask that you pray for our friends, both foreigners and Mozambicans and for fellow missionaries that are still there serving in the midst of the chaos and pray for peace to reign in Mozambique.

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