November 23, 2010

Taking Time for Thanksgiving

Coming back into the country and trying to resettle brings with it many items needing attention. There are suitcases to unpack, licenses to obtain, vehicles to register, school paperwork to process, doctors to find, rountines to establish, friendships to rekindle, thank yous to be said, traveling to be done......You get the idea. At this point it seems the list is never-ending. But I am taking a pause. I have determined that I am going to take time for Thanksgiving. Not just the holiday but the attitude of heart. I have so much to be thankful for and with a heart full of gratitude is where I hope to find myself this Thanksgiving holiday.

My God has treasured me, and graced me with many, merciful blessings so I thank Him for His love poured out into my life.

My God, I thank you
For Family
For Friends
For Health
For Children
For Freedom
For the Honor to Worship
For Your Enduring Love


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