November 14, 2010

On the Road my new self

Tomorrow I begin my travels from Florida back to New Hampshire. It is time for the boys and I to join Marc in our new life. It seems so odd to be on the brink of this new adventure when a few months ago it was not even on my radar screen but isn't that how life is sometimes. The things we never expect or plan for usually end up being the best. I am believing that for our future in New Hampshire. It will be so different than the life we have been leading in Africa over the last several years yet it will be GOOD. How do I know that? Well, because God will be in it and HE IS GOOD. It may not always be easy and there will likely be difficulties but I can trust Him through them all. I feel as though I am being reidentified. Not sure that makes any sense but I have taken off "missionary" and now am eager and nervous to find out what I will next put on. The truth is God only wants me to wear the identity of Christ, as His daughter in all of it's fullness but sometimes that seems so difficult because it is so simple. That is going to take some learning for me but it is my heart desire. Pray for me to let Him show me how to do that.

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Jenny Bishop Kempf said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you as you adjust to living back in the States. May you find a warm community and meaningful ways to engage your faith at "home". Enjoy the change of seasons (literally and figuratively)and being close to family. And hopefully a coke will now remind you of Moz!