April 20, 2011

The Perfect Ending...

So, I finally realized a couple of weeks ago that our original website only told the story of Nate's well up to the point of going to Shriner's Hospital in Tampa for the first time and hearing that they could not do corrective surgery at that time. Shame on me for not telling the rest of the story sooner.

We had our second Shriner's appointment in June of 2008. Remember they had made it clear that he was going to have to have corrective surgery but they wanted to wait and do it in the future at some point. This put our life in a holding pattern as our original intention was to return to Mozambique as soon as he had recovered. Anyway, back to June of 2008. We went to Shriners and had new x-rays retaken which is the normal upon arrival at the hospital. We waited in the examining room until the doctor came in to share the results. She came in with a strange look on her face and excitement and confusion on her face all at the same time. She held the previous x-rays and the current days x-rays up for us to see and showed us the comparison. She was baffled because the current x-ray showed that his leg had been corrected. There was no longer a large discrepancy in the bone and unexplainably (to her) that leg was now healed. She even called another doctor in from the hallway to show her the comparison.We were so excited yet not surprised as MANY had been praying for Nate to be healed the whole time since his original accident. We boldly explained to her that WE KNEW HOW IT HAPPENED-GOD! She looked a little skeptical but had to admit she didn't know how it happened but that it had as she had the proof in front of her.

Nate climbing Cabeca do Velho (The Old Man's Head) Mountain in Mozambique - May 2009
Healing of Nate's leg opened up the door for us to return to Mozambique once again which we did in February of 2009. We will never stop sharing that God miraculously healed our boy. How great is our God? How fantastic that although we did not understand at the time of his accident or again when his leg did not heal correctly how God would receive the glory HE HAS and continues. His ways are far above our ways....and I would never change any part of Nate's well testimony because it has provided our family opportunity to worship and glorify HIM more and given Nate a living, walking (literally) testimony of God's great grace and mercy.

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Anonymous said...

What a Glorious story you have there! Thank you for sharing! PTL for his miraculous healing!
Val Appleby