April 22, 2011

Remembering the Suffering

I have been thinking and praying about something over the last few weeks. I've desired to truly observe "Good Friday" and take pause to contemplate and celebrate all that it means.  After talking with Marc, my husband about it I decided to move ahead. So tonight, I watched the movie, "The Passion", with my boys. They are 13 and nearly 12 now. Honestly, I hesitated when the idea first came to mind. We are pretty selective about what we let them watch, some may call it "over protective" which I don't believe is possible in most cases anyway, but that is for another day. However, I felt it was time for them to see and feel the sacrafice that Christ made on the cross, for me and for them. Obviously, they are growing up in our household, one of faith, but I sensed that it was time for the uncomfortableness and difficult truth of Christ's suffering to be observed more deeply. It was such a catalyst for awesome discussion and explanation. The pause button was our friend as I explained in different ways how He chose to walk that path for each of us, for the Father. We came face to face with ugly, sinful humanity....the same type we wear. We talked of Daddy's crown of thorns he discovered in the African bush that sat in his office in Africa. It became real...so very real.

This Easter season seems somehow more sacred to me than years past. I don't know why. My tendency is to draw away from the religious celebrations and worldly interpretations to a quiet place. A place of contemplation where I come face to face with this GREAT sacraficial love on my behalf. Perhaps Easter Sunday will find me on the beach, quietly observing His creation, giving thanks in my heart for His grace that covers the multitude of my sins and for the power of the cross over death and sin. And I sure do wish that crown of thorns had made it's way back to the States with us as a reminder. I believe I could stare at it a thousand times and a thousand times be brought to my knees in a different way.

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