July 20, 2011

Basking in Books

One thing I missed in Africa was books. I am not a huge reader but definitely like to from time to time. I also like my boys to read. Generally they read for half an hour every night before bed just to form that habit of loving to read. In our home schooling I am ALL about the books. Of course we follow a curriculum but it is full of literature because by experiencing great books we learn life.
Today we visited the library. Now we have done that already since returning from Africa but this library was different. We live in a small village, called Penacook which is truly part of the capital city of New Hampshire, Concord. We have visited the Penacook library, all two rooms of it. Seriously. So today we decided to take advantage of our status as living in "part" of Concord and went to the larger library there. It was wonderful. I love letting my boys loose free to roam in a library. I find it pretty exciting. The children's section that is. I love watching my guys explore and find books about helicopters, knights, medeival weapons, etc. It screams for me to plant us there for many school days to come in the Fall.

Thankful for the library today.

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