July 26, 2011

Who Would've Known...

Who would've known that all these years later, 19 to be exact, that I would still have her as my best friend. That I would still love her. That I would still cherish our chats. That I would still learn so much from her. That she would continuously point me to the cross and help me walk deeper in grace. That we would share our children with one another. That she would be the only one I completely share it all with, openly, honestly. That she would still inspire me to think outside the box and ask myself the hard questions.

Tonight, as I put her son to bed with ours I wonder at the hand of GOD in our lives. To bless us with children that can share memories and moments together, always to be remembered, much like when we met just as girls really. How did God know I needed her in my life? Of course, He knew because she is a gift straight from Him. I am so thankful.

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Debby Abitz said...

Oh Andrea, you are much too kind. The door swings both ways, and we both know who is the lamer friend. ME! I love you so much, and thank God for you:)