July 24, 2009

Backwards Africa

Yesterday something really fun, at least to me happened here at our house. Marc's parents are here visiting from the USA and they are on the look out for some souvenirs to take back with them from their time here in Africa. Mozambique unfortunately is not known for hand crafts and it is difficult to find decent things to buy. We do have one wood carver that comes to our gate on a pretty regular basis trying to sell us items so when he came last week we asked him to carve a wooden map of Africa with the Big Five (lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino) animals carved in the center of the map. So yesterday he came with his finished map. There was only one BIG problem. He had done a great job of carving the Big Fve but the map of Africa was backwards. Of course my response was that my in-laws had to buy it because it was a perfect representation of what Africa is really like. In many ways it is beautiful but in many ways things are backwards. So next week when they head back to America there will be one beautifully carved, backwards :) map of Africa in their luggage. TIA (This is Africa) and even if it is backwards I love it!

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