July 13, 2009

Doings of the Witch Doctor

Yesterday, as my mother in law and I were doing a little check-up of the younger children at the center I came across something I always hate to see. To me it represents darkness, the evil one and lies of the enemy. I found it around the belly of a little baby girl named Esther that is registered as one of our orphans at the center. It is just a simple, green piece of material but it represents bondage. Often here parents take their children to the witch doctor because they want them to be protected and believe that if they do not get the witch doctor's help their child will die and not be protected. Little Esther's mom is like these parents in that she has tied a charm around her baby's waist to try to ward off evil spirits and protect her. Needless to say I was not impressed and immediately explained to the siblings of this little girl that also attend our center that when we have Jesus in our heart we do not need these things from Satan because God protects His children and we need to trust Him and NOT the witch doctor. After explaining this I tore the band off of Esther. We then prayed over Esther and dedicated her to the Lord and asked for His protection and the blood of Jesus to cover her. We brought the charm home and burnt it in our back yard. Our prayer is that the light of Jesus would overshadow any darkness of the evil one in these childrens lives.

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