July 11, 2009

No Diesel - No Game Park

This past week we were supposed to finally do a tourist outing here in Mozambique. Marc's parents and nephew are visiting this month from the USA and we had made plans to visit a game park called Gorongosa. Unfortunately, there is a diesel shortage in town. Cars are waiting in line for hours and people are taking yellow 20 Liter jugs that used to hold oil and lining up for hours as well. Many times both are told after all that wait that there is no more fuel come back another day when a truck has made a delivery. We have enough fuel to get around town but would not have enough to drive two-hours one way to get to the game park. We will see what this next week brings. The directors of our mission are supposed to come collect the vehicle we have been using to use for ministry in Malawi on Monday which means we will be without a vehicle until we can raise the funds to purchase our own. It seems as though Gorongosa and being tourists will have to wait until another time.

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