April 4, 2010

If I Could Go to a Bookstore Today....

I miss books. I even miss the library. Growing up I was never much of a reader. Actually I did not read a complete book until I was in Senior High - I guess you could say I was the Cliff Notes kind of girl. My mother and sister on the other hand practically lived at the library but me not so much.
Funny how things change over time. Living overseas I find that I LOVE to read.
Not sure why exactly, except maybe, I do not have as many distractions; shopping, movies, dinner with friends, parks, concerts, to keep me "busy." There is something serene about getting lost in a good book, especially those that in the end challenge and inspire you.
There are no bookstores here in Mozambique and even if there were they would only have books in Portuguese or a tribal language so it would really do me no good.
But because I have had some sent to me or borrowed from others
over this last year I have been able to read:
Peace Child
Stout-Hearted Seven
Mozambique, Beyond the Shadow
GI Joe & Lillie
Amish themed books by Christian authors
and many others....
Although they are all very different, I have enjoyed each of them in a unique way.

I have started my wish list for when we go on furlough in a year and a half.
We will see if I can manage to find and cart all of these books back to Mozambique.

The Love Dare
Three Cups of Tea
Blue Like Jazz
Desiring God
The Last Song
and more to come I'm sure.....


Heather & Rick said...

we have the love dare.. you can borrow it if you like rather than cart it back from the states!

stacy said...

hey, i recently found some online library sites... the best ones are some science fiction sites... if you have a decent online conection i could send you the links...