March 30, 2010

Donation = God's Perfect Provision

This week we were given a donation from the local butchery of 100 pounds of meat bones. Yes I said meat BONES. The are bones left over from butchering that still have scraps of meat on them and can be used to boil up and make stew, gravy, added to beans, etc. These are the only "meat" many will get and a treasure for those that are poor here in Mozambique. We made room in our chest freezer and our small fridge freezer to store them. Yesterday we started distributing them and continued today. So far we have been able to give them to a primary school (200 kids), a children's feeding center (75 kids), an orphanage (15 kids), a local church that will give to their widows and several individuals in need. We still have about 1/3 left and will continue to distribute.
We are just so grateful for God's Perfect Provision through this unexpected donation!

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