June 6, 2010

Children's Day Celebration

Today's celebration of Children's Day at the local church we attend was a great success. We estimate that we had about 120 kids there. Have you ever tried to count that many little kids while they are bouncing around excitedly? Not so easy. Just thought I would share some photos from our special day.

The welcoming tree...they were excitedly looking for themselves in some photos.
The boys showed off their dance moves.
The older kids were the worship leaders with the drummers help.
Some of the children helped lead worship.

Playing pin the driver in the chapa (taxi).

Waiting in line to see a children's video.

The younger kids coloring. We had over 40 of them together on one straw mat.

Pretty exciting day!

They all "painted" their mud Sunday School room.

Enjoying freeze pops, chips and lollypops.

Yummy treats!

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