June 20, 2010

Marc Returns

Marc returned late yesterday afternoon and it is good to have him home in time for Father's Day today. In all he traveled 2,500 kilometers in 6 days which is 1,553 miles. Much of that was on pot holed and narrow, muddy, bumpy dirt roads. Needless to say he is glad to be home and to not be bouncing and swaying in the car anymore. The car did fantastic on it's first long distance bush trip despite the fact that we need new front end shocks. I thought I would share some photos from his time away at the Pastor's conference. Enjoy!

Stopping for breakfast along the road with the other missionaries, visiting Brazilian pastors and two national pastors that traveled with him.

Faith is definitely required when driving after dark.

A friend found along the way.

His sleeping quarters.

His own bathroom. He even received a bucket of warm water in the mornings to use for "showering."

The pastor's bicycle parking lot inside the church (so they wouldn't be stolen). Some of the pastors rode their bicycles three days so they could attend the conference.

The church's bathroom.

The village children outside the church.

The pastors worshipping.

Complicated road situations. They ended up going with the 4x4 on around all of them to the right through the grass area.

This was after the car had been washed. At one point the whole back half of the vehicle was caked in mud and you could not see out any of the back windows.

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Schilinski Clan said...

Awesome photos! So glad he had a good time.