January 14, 2011


I have a dear friend. Her name is Julie. She's Australian.
We have known one another for many years. Fifteen, I think.
She will probably not like that I am talking about her.

But you see this week she has been inspiring me. More than usual.

Most will have heard of the horrible floods in Australia. She lives where it has all been happening. Although her family's home was not directly affected she has been struck. She is sad for the suffering in her home country. She is feeling for her neighbors. She is helping her friends.
Reaching out to others during desperate times. And I am proud of her.
She's reminded me this week that we are always called to reach out to
 help any of those in need around us.
Thanks Jules.
It's an honor to call you my friend.
Please pray for the people of Australia struggling to put their lives back together.

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