January 25, 2011

House Hunt

We are still in the process of trying to buy a house. We have two that we are vascillating about and contemplating putting in an offer on both of them to see which one comes back positively. I am not sure either of us have the emotional energy and strength to keep going forward in this endeavor. We try to continually keep it before the Lord yet we find ourselves struggling. When we came back to the US we intended to return to Mozambique and that changed. We have accepted that and are trying to settle into our new life here. We would like to own a home but because we owe money for our return tickets from Africa we are limited. Should we buy now? Should we wait and work to pay off that debt and then reconsider buying?
What frustration we experience having debt again. We have traveled this road before. It was not pleasant and we worked hard for years, often sacraficing the best of ourselves, with our relationship paying the cost at times to get out of debt. Yet here we are again, even though we promised ourselves we never would be, finding ourselves in bondage because of air travel. Honestly, we are confused. We don't understand why the funds did not come in to cover this expense. We don't understand why when we are simply trying to follow His leading we feel such bondage. We are contemplating just taking a pause if neither of these houses work out and renting for a while. We need a place to call our own for a while, even if it is an apartment. We need to settle and unpack something.
Having said all this we continue to trust Him and know He has a plan in it all. We look for His faithfulness and mighty hand in it all. Trying to keep our eyes on Him and not life's circumstances. We would appreciate your prayers for us to be able to do that these days.

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