January 21, 2011

Being Creative

Today we concluded the first unit of our new curriculum, Paths of Settlement. To wrap up this unit the boy were required to make presentation highlighting some of the things they learned. They did a good job and had fun with it as well.

I was reminded as I look around our little "house" room that regardless of the cramped quarters my boys seem to be thriving. Lately they have taken to doing various "art" projects. Some for home school and some by their own choice. I see inspiration. I see creativity. I see discovering minds. I see love and life that God has given them.

I decided to take photos of some of their projects. As I did, I was reminded that we are all creative in our own ways. So often we tend to feel that we only have creative moments. My hope is to see my boys be creative. To be creative is to express the goodness of God freely, to share with the world parts of who you are, and to allow yourself the freedom to not worry of others acceptance but be true to yourself. I want my boys to feel unintimidated by others judgements, confident that what they have to share is worthwhile and joyful at expressing themselves.

My children teach me all the time. I am mindful that we are to be like little children before the Father. Unashamed, unworldly, not consumed with pride, able to freely love and genuinely express all that is in our hearts to God and others.
Nate's watercolor of foliage

The scarf Micah crocheted for me for Christmas

Nate's alien village

Micah's watercolor.

Micah's Drawing

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