May 5, 2011

Being a Sender

I am living life on a different side of the ocean these days, different side of the world for that matter. It has been a slow process to re-integrate back into "this" life and honestly most days it has felt like we are alone on a deserted island with barely a life raft to grab on to. It is difficult to describe and difficult to understand I imagine. I am only learning how to process it all and keep from feeling like you are sinking and getting lost in the unknown. How odd it feels to be in "your HOME country" yet feel so out of place, so not a part, and so completely foreign. Processing through all of these emotions and transitions has made me that much more passionate about missions and supporting the missionaries. I know how they feel on the other side of the ocean when some days it seems that you are out of sight, out of mind. I know the stress you endure to live and function in a totally different culture. I know the pressure you feel to perform for everyone so they stay interested, engaged and supportive. It is not easy and that is why I am so excited to be a part of "Being a Sender." What a privledge to encourage, support and help equip missionaries to fulfill their God given callings. What a responsibility to love them well, stand with them in all things and do our part. I am honored.

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Anonymous said...

I read this and am taken back to my return. For me, it was hard to adjust to shallow conversations about shopping and having to pay for huge restaurant meals I wasn't going to finish. I will pray that you adjust and understand why God has you here and how He wants to use you.
I will you make the adjustment without losing all the good of the experience.
P.S. You are precious to my soul!