May 18, 2011

Loving Because He is Loved...

This is Manuel with his wife Laurinda and baby daughter Graca Sara.
He is so very special to us.
You see we first met this amazing young man when he was just a boy.
He lived at the orphanage where we served in Mozambique in 1997.
Each time we have returned to Mozambique we have reconnected with Manuel.
Each time our relationship has deepened.
He calls us mom and dad and we consider him our Mozambican son.
We are so proud of him.
He is walking strongly with the Lord.
He is motivated by God's love to love others, especially orphans.
He is unusual in a country of such hardship that he cares for others above himself.

These are some of the orphans he is currently loving and longing to help.
We know we must play a role but are unsure exactly how.
Will you pray for him?
Will you pray for us?
We can not sit idly by!
Can't we eat rice and beans one day a week so these little ones have something to eat at all? 
We are compelled by love from the Father.
We long to make a difference in his life and in these precious little ones lives.
How Lord, how?