May 16, 2011

Instilling Love

My boys are 13 and nearly 12 now. I can't believe it. Somedays I wish I could cuddle them still in my arms with their head resting on my shoulder like when they were infants and wanted to snuggle after just waking up from a nap. How sweet those days were. These days however are just as sweet. Instead of snuggling them on my shoulder (although I still do snuggle them quite often even if they will soon be taller than me) I find myself pouring love into them verbally, mentally, emotionally. They are looking for instruction in how relationships in this world work and I get the gift of filling them with love and assurance. I have the honor of teaching them that LOVE is worth the risk and that even when human beings dissapoint God never does.

My only regret is I do not take advantage of the opportunity enough and miss times of instilling love.

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