June 24, 2009

English Class

So, one of the new challenges I have taken on at the center is to teach an English class to some of the older orphans. From 6th grade on they must take English in school and all of them truly struggle. They are given English worksheets to read and answer questions which they attempt to do but have no idea what the words on the page mean and no understanding of how to use the language in a conversation. I figured since English is one language I know and am fluent in unlike my abilities with Shona and Portuguese that I could help the kids in this area. We have class once a week, on Wednesday afternoons. Last week was the first week and really the kids did quite well and we all had a good time. I started with the basics of letters, numbers, colors and how to greet others and introduce themselves. And of course to reinforce all of those newly learned items we had to play UNO. It took them a little while to understand it but they enjoyed it. I am thankful that the Lord has made ways for me to contribute and feel useful as I continue to learn the language. The kids and I are actually in the same boat, both struggling to fully comprehend and use a new language.

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