June 23, 2009

Sleeping Guarda

Ok, so part of life in Mozambique unfortunately is that we have to employ guards for our house. Thieves are such a problem that having a guard is "normal" and oddly they becoming a regular part of our life. The guard is here during the evening and overnight not really to stop thieves from coming but more as a deterrent as well as our first line of defense. We also have dogs but they are not yet big enough to scare away intruders. So our guards main job is to stay awake and make noise if someone attempts to cause problems or break in. I don't envy their position as I know it is difficult to stay awake all night having worked more than my share of night shifts at a hospital. Let's just say that although we have a guard we are grateful to know that the angels of the Lord are camped around us as well because it is not uncommon to find our guard sleeping. But hey at least he usually does it across our front door so thieves would have to disturb him to break in.

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