June 25, 2009

Nate and Wells

Well, as most know our youngest son Nate fell in a 60 foot well nearly two years ago here in Mozambique. Needless to say, it was a traumatic experience but also a miraculous process. In the end God did many miracles; saving his life from the initial fall, providing a pediatrician and surgeon that were qualified in Zimbabwe, making provision for housing and food in that country when things were extremely difficult, providing excellent health care in the USA when we did not have insurance and ultimately healing his bones that had not healed correctly. It has been a growing experience and I still am growing. You see at the center we are having a hand-dug well put in so we can have water for the garden.
The man digging it has been working away and currently it is at about 24 feet. Nate does not fear the well. It is not a foolishness on his part it really is a true sign of God's emotional healing. Honestly, my stomach still falls when I see him on the edge of a well looking in but I realize for his well-being although we must be careful which we diligently are I must step back and not let my own fears prevent him from displaying the healing and courage that God Himself has placed in Nate's heart. I'm in awe of my little man, who will turn 10 on July 7th and shortly after celebrate 2 years of recovery from the well experience. Today, with the help of another missionary next door I took the clothes that were on him the day he fell in that well which I had saved after the nurses had cut them off and made a pillow cover and a cool bag to give him for his birthday this year. Oh how we come full circle in life. Thank you Jesus.

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MaryBeth said...

Wow what a testimony Nate has! Being a mom is hard, I admire how you are able to set your own fears aside to allow what is best for Nate. He has a very wise Mama.