June 23, 2009

Marc's Father's Day

Marc has had an interesting Father's Day to say the least. We got up and went to church this morning together as a family which was nice. He slept in and I made him a breakfast sandwich (on toast not a bagel since those do not exist here). At church our friends let us know their car had to be towed (by that I mean pulled with a rope by another missionaries car) home late last night because it died on their way home from a mission outreach up north. After church we went off to the center to spend a few hours with the orphans. We enjoyed rice and boiled chicken...it's actually good although it was a little unnerving watching the little boy in front of us that was sitting between Micah and Nate eat his chicken head and clean that sucker to nothing. Then I preached a message to the kids about God's love and them needing to love each other. We checked the well (it is still being dug-so far they are at 28 ft) and the garden to see how they are going. Then we left and stopped at the local market ( a bunch of stalls where they sell fruit and vegs) and bought two pineapples, 10 tangerines and a bunch of bananas for $2 to take to our friends house for afternoon coffee/snack time. We went back to our friends house that had thebroken car and Marc looked at it for them and found out that their "driver" had forgotten to connect something and they now have a blown engine. Not good news. After trying to encourage them that even though they now are without a drivable vehicle and have 2 broken vehicles in their yard that God is still in control and that even this He has a plan for somehow. Finally we left there and came home in time for us to feed the puppies and for me to make dinner. We ate dinner including some ice coffee that I had made for Marc which he thoroughly enjoyed,well we almost finished dinner when Marc got another call from some other missionaries that live next door to us saying they are 10 miles out of town and there car is broken down could Marc come pull them home. So off he went. He got home a little while ago and spent some time watching a video with the boys and now is off again. But this time it is good. It's 8 pm and he is picking up a couple of friends (one an American married to a Brazilian lady and the other a Brazilian guy married to an American lady) and they are going over to another Brazilians house to watch a soccer game between Brazil and Italy on his friends TV. I am glad he gets to do that since it's about time he has a relaxing Father's Day don't you think? So the boys and I will hold the fort down here until he gets home later tonight and hopefully I will still be awake enough to kiss him and tell him that I love him and I am so glad that he is the Father God choose for our boys. Did I mention we love this life, we really do.

So maybe your Father's Day won't be as eventful but I do hope it is fullof your family, the Lord's love and good friends.

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Schilinski Clan said...

I can give you a great bagel recipe!