October 31, 2009

Getting Creative

We have found that living in rural Africa often requires that you GET CREATIVE! This week I thought I would show you a few ways that we all have been getting creative.
  • THE BOYS: Decided they wanted something else to do other then kick the soccer ball and climb the trees so they found an old rubber hose pipe and tied it up between a couple of our trees to create a swing. Now, that's creative!

  • MYSELF: I was wanting something to celebrate with the kids to remember the Harvest Party's we usually attend. So, we baked some Fall cookies for the occassion and cut out and colored some pumkins from a cereal box.

  • MARC: The dogs need a mid-day snack since they're so hungry in the evening they end up fighting. Marc decided to make a more cost effective snack then the very expensive dog food so he made doggie snackwiches out of cheap bread rolls with dog food stuffed in the middle. He froze the treats so the dogs have to work on chewing them rather than just swallowing them whole.

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