October 29, 2009

Post Election

Well the Election is over. Yesterday was very peaceful. Actually it was probably the quietest day we have had here in Mozambique. There were no chattering guards outside our fence, not many people walking by, hardly any vehicles driving by. It was strange how quiet is was but we are grateful. As far as we know or have heard there was no election drama, at least not on this side of town.

We have yet to hear any results although most assume the incumbent party, Frelimo will continue their rule. The government has until November 12th to declare the official winner. Or as many would say to fix the votes to favor the Frelimo. Regardless we do not yet officially know the winner. That will come later.

I am thankful that all has gone well and peace has reigned. And most of all I am thankful that Jesus Rules. Thanks for all your prayers!

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