October 2, 2009

Growing Up Too Fast

You know I always heard from other mother's when the boys were younger, "Enjoy them because they grow up too fast and soon they will be gone." I guess like most I heard that but didn't really believe it or sense it. I was too busy moving from day to day, moment to moment caring for them. When they are young you are constantly running around meeting their needs and somedays it seems you never stop and often wonder when do I get some "me" time?? When they are young we spend our time preparing them and waiting for the "next" big step. When they lay on the floor we can't wait for them to crawl, when they crawl we can't wait for them to walk, when they walk we can't wait for them to run. Sometimes I found myself so busy looking to the next moment that I didn't savor the current moment. How sad.....Now that the boys are older and they are maturing it seems that time has sped up and they are growing and changing too quickly. I am excited to see the young men God has them to be but I want to enjoy them now and treasure the moments and memories now. I don't want to have to look back and wonder where the days went?? So many days I blow it. I, being absorbed in my self-centeredness miss great opportunities to cherish the moments. I feel like God has opened my eyes and is drawing me to a place where I ENJOY my children and just being with them. My prayer is that God will help me to savor the time, seize the opportunities, and treasure the memories with my two little men. My youngest Nate still calls me "Mommy" most of the time and Micah, my oldest still snuggles up to me needing a hug. I hold my breath knowing that those days are soon coming to an end but while I have them I will love them. So to my two little men I say "Be who you are and know that Mom loves you forever and is so grateful she gets to be your mommy." What's NOT to love about these faces???

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