October 3, 2009

Give Your Life Away

I have so much. Too much. Compared to the world some would say maybe not since our life here in Africa is "simple" and not "very trendy" with the latest gadgets or conveniences. But when I compare myself to thousands of Mozambicans it is too much.

I have three pairs of shoes, many will never even own one. I have a house to live in that is made of block, most will only have a mud hut with a grass or tin roof. I have a bed and mattress to sleep on, most only have a grass mat or mattress they must share with their entire family. I have good, nutritious food on my table, most will only eat 1-2 times a day and suffer hunger on a regular basis or dig through trash heaps for today's food. I was given a good education, most will not complete school because of lack of funds or needing to provide for their families or if they are fortunate to stay in school only achieve a 6th grade education.

I am blessed, that is obvious. But aren't Mozambicans blessed as well. Do we not have the same God? How does opportunity and lack of poverty change the course of ones life?? I contemplate this all the time. Some would say TOO much is relative yet I don't think it should be. The Bible speaks of God meeting our needs; food, clothing and shelter. My heart is longing and crying out to lay it all down for the sake of others. What an impact the body of Christ could have on the world if we were willing to do without for the sake of the Gospel and for the sake of loving others. I need you Lord to show me what to do without...

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