October 24, 2009

The Lonely Days...

Today is a lonely day. We have friends here and we are not alone but there are days when we feel alone. Occasionally, we have a great sense of missing "home" and all that is familiar and today is one of those days. We try to guard our hearts against discouragement and "feeling" like giving up but like everyone, anywhere in the world we have one of those days. Normally Marc and I are quite balanced. By that I mean that when one of us is feeling like giving up the other is the voice of reason in the wilderness saying "Wait a minute, let's be reasonable. No, we can not sell everything, jump on an airplane tomorrow and fly off into the sunset." But once in a while there are those days that both of us are ready to throw in the towel and it seems no one is being the voice of reason except the spirit of God inside of us reminding us of what He has determined for us to do. We are not our own. We have given the authority over to Him to make plans and design the purpose of our lives. Just every once in a while we need to be reminded of that. And every once in a while we need to miss our loved ones, our home, our familiar but then remember that we have been called here for such a time as this. We do not know the future but we do know who holds our future. Lonely is something I am sure Jesus felt. He has suffered it all on our behalf. I am sure He missed His father, missed His home. But he endured and walked His path in life. Wow, am I so grateful that He did. I do not feel guilty for being lonely. Instead I feel comforted in my loneliness by Him that brings all comfort. Thank you Jesus!

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