January 27, 2010

Creative Minds

One of the things I love about my boys is that they can easily entertain themselves. They have always been able to do that but as they get older it is fun to see the things they come up with to keep themselves entertained. We are not a household that has banned TV or video games, although I have thought about it from time to time but we have always been pretty restrictive about how much they can do those things. Since they were little we pushed them to be creative and come up with things to do on their own which comes in very handy when you live on the mission field. Today, I had a great time "watching" my boys come up with activities to keep them busy.

#1 They decided to make "Sun Tea" in my tea pot outside on a charcoal burner and an old piece of metal that the guards use for keeping warm at night. Now there was no fire involved, remember it was "SUN tea" but they thought the metal would act as a solar power object. Well it worked. I guess I should say it seemed to work since I didn't actually get asked to try the tea. That was left to Dad and Manuel, our Mozambican friend. But even if it wasn't good they did a good job of faking it which made the boys day.

#2 They played monopoly all afternoon. We did not bring Monopoly with us from the US but a friend of ours recently gave us the South African version. I am glad they did since at the local grocery store it costs $60 USD for the game. I don't think so. The boys played all afternoon even though they told me "this is good for your math skills," with a look of sheer surprise on their faces. I guess they had a hard time believing they could love something that involved learning at the same time. Oh my!

#3 They set the table for me for dinner. Now this happens a lot, nearly every night but tonight we were having a guest for dinner. The boys had a conference about it and decided just how they wanted the table and asked me to let them do it how they wanted. So I did. I really didn't care as long as we were able to eat when it was all over. So the boys set out about every dish we own, measuring where things should be with a ruler. They picked some mint and put it along with a seashell on each napkin. And to top it all off they picked some lemons and sliced them up and displayed them beautifully on a plate so we could add them to our drinks. I have to say I was impressed when I wasn't giggling.

I love my funny, creative, imaginative, resourceful, inspired boys.

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