January 19, 2010

Please Pray for Rain!

We are weeks into the supposed rainy season and the land is still dry horribly parched. Our guards have started bringing their water containers on their bicycles from home to be filled with our well water. Their wives get in line at the community pump that is shared with hundreds of others in their villages at 3 am every morning. Even though they wait their turn for hours lately the water has been finished because of the low water table and they return home empty handed. How is a wife to cook, wash clothes, bath the children with water if she can not find any??  Water truly is the source of life here in Mozambique.

There is lots of talk of failed crops and hunger for the coming year. In the last two months we have only had odd days of very light momentary rain. It is not enough! We are asking that you would join us and the people of Mozambique in praying for abundant rain. It is difficult to explain the necessity or the desperation people feel. If the rain does not come it will be a VERY difficult year with most suffering from hunger and malnutrition. I have witnessed children suffering because they are starving. It is heartbreaking! I have had a child die because she was too malnourished to survive. It makes me furious and sad! It invades every portion of daily life and society here. Not only will many suffer and some even die but the costs of the food we do have will rise dramatically making it near to impossible for those that do have money to purchase what they need. It's a horrible cycle of poverty. May it be broken in Jesus Name!

We trust God and know His plan is bigger than anything we fathom. We look to Him for wisdom in how to best help those in need. We are considering the idea of buying a large quantity of farinha (maize flour), the main staple diet, to keep on hand so our guards and those we minsiter to will have access to food in the coming months. We realize we can not "save" the world but we can not stand by and do nothing either. We have the financial means (which they do not) to be able to "prepare" for such a time as this and must do what we are called to do. Thank you for joining us as we pray for rain and for us to make wise, faith filled decisions.

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