January 28, 2010

Zimbabwe Mess

I don't often speak about Zimbabwe and the difficulties going on still in that country. In some ways life is now continuing as "normal" because they are operating using foreign currency (the US Dollar and the South African Rand). But today I received an email that stood as a not so pleasant reminder that many are still suffering in Zimbabwe. This is from a special, Christian lady that I met several months ago while she was here visiting in Mozambique. Please pray for her and her husband and their situation of having to completely start their lives over after having their land seized.

"Dear Friends,

This email is to inform you that we have been chased off our farm on the 6th of January, 2010.

My husband was beaten over the head and I was hit in the face and kicked in the stomach and my right ring finger was badly injured .

With the help of the embassy, we managed to pack some clothes - everything else is still in the house and all our cars, motorbikes, tractors, livelihood,etc is still on the farm. We are temporally staying with friends until we can decide what to do.

Please inform all our others friends."

May God in His mercy intervene for all those that trust in Him.

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