January 24, 2010


Electricity is a beautiful thing. It's not necessary but it is so helpful. This past week has not been so good for us in the area of electricity. Most days it has been going off in the early morning between 4-6 am, staying off all day until about 4 pm then coming on for the evening. I am trying to look at it in the right way. Being grateful for the times that we do have it. It makes cooking and doing laundry challenging as it is off during the daytime hours mostly but then I must just plan ahead. But we have had it for most of the nights so we can run our fans for sleeping which is a delightful thing when the house is in the 90's. Tonight I took full advantage of the electricty being on. I made supper, a mango cobbler for dessert that was delicious, a pan of baked oatmeal for tomorrows breakfast, and did a load of laundry to be hung in the morning. It amazes me after living without electricity how dependant I am on it once again. I am always amazed when I make visits to the Mozambican people that daily the majority of them live without electricity and instead operate by kerosene lantern or firelight. Like I said it's all a matter of perspective and being grateful for the times we do have it and that I can afford to have it.

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