January 13, 2010

The Grandma's (Vovo's)

Our hearts desire, here in Mozambique, is to reach out to orphans that are living in poverty and see them healthy and whole. To do this we have come to understand we must also reach out to the orphans main caregivers, their Grandma's. Many, many children have lost both parents to death or abandonment and remain with their Grandma's as the only relative willing or able to care for them. These are often very old ladies struggling for daily survival. Their needs are many and overwhelming; food, clothing, emotional support, clean water to drink, basic healthcare, medication, and school fees. We often wonder where do you begin? We want to see them encouraged, fed, healthy, clothed, supported and blessed, and sensing the love of God. 

Today we made a visit to some Vovo's. This is Esquita. She is alone with no living relative to help her raise her 9 year old grandson. She is very old, judging by her white hair as she does not know her age. She lives in a rustic, dark, dusty, two room house with a tin roof. She has no furniture other than a grass mat for her and her grandson to sleep on. She struggles to find them food. She can not grow a garden since she has no land and is too feeble to walk a long distance for a plot of land outside the city. She struggles to get her grandson to go to school or obey. It is a very hard life. She prays often and attends church. She tells us how she dreams of flying to heaven with her grandson. I can't fathom her struggles. I will never truly comprehend. I admire her strength. I long to help her. I struggle with having so much when she has so very little. I need to help.

It is overwhelming when you see such desititue living situations. Your heart aches. Your senses can hardly take it in. Your mind races. Your spirit longs for heaven where there is no suffering.
It is difficult to explain in mere words.

We need GOD in all His fullness! We need His wisdom to only do what He desires. We need His strength  to meet the challenges before us. We need his courage so our hearts are not overwhelmed with the needs. We need His resources to meet their practical needs. We need emotional resilience so we don't give up.
And we must say we need YOUR prayers!

We know with confidence that God has His hand on Esquita and Antonio and He alone is their Provider.
We are simply called to pour into their lives in the ways He shows us.
We help meet practical needs. We speak words of encouragement to them. We pray for them.
We LOVE them.

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