December 26, 2010

Family Tree of Jesus

Have you ever thought about the family tree of JESUS?
It has confronted me several times this Christmas season.
It came again today through the sermon at church.
What a POWERFUL message.
Isn't it like God to use the lowly family tree of Jesus so we could identify our brotherhood with him in our weak family links.
Jacob, deception and lying.
Rahab, prostitution.
David, adultery, murder, incest and rape.
Rehoboam, abuse of power as a merciless ruler.
Just to name a few.

I am awed by His magnificent plan.
How deep is His love that He prepared a plan to include our depravity.
In that way we can fully know the complete love and acceptance only He can offer because of ours and our families sin. All because we can relate.
Hope comes in remembering that we are now joint heirs with Jesus. We have a different heritage. We are of his redeemed family line. Our identity, our names are in the Lamb's book. We are new creations.
As the pastor so aptly put it, "Yesterday does not define me."
Pure freedom that has been bought by the blood of the lamb.
Who are we to forsake it?
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