December 19, 2010

Our Ways of Celebrating

This is our Jesse Tree. This Advent season I have been doing a daily devotional with the boys that is wonderful. It follows the "story" and lineage of Jesus from the beginning, the tree of Jesse. We read scripture from the Old Testament that shows how it was always God's plan that Jesus would be sent to redeem us. Each day the boys draw an ornament to hang on their tree representing that days testimony to God's plan. It has been a special time as I have seen the boys come to a better understanding of Christmas and the importance of Christs birth. The present you see under the tree was from today's exercise. The boys were to think and decide on a sin they were needing to repent of and give it to Jesus as a gift to Him, allowing Him to redeem that area and change their hearts regarding it.
It is powerful to watch your children commune with God. It is humbling to lay myself bare before them admitting my own sin and need for redemption. It is wonderful that we can celebrate God's glorious gift of redemption in Jesus together.

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