December 15, 2010

Love Came Down at Christmas

We are full of hope.
Our lives are changing.
Everything is new.
Like Mary, mother of Jesus, we press on with anticipation.
We wonder at the promise it holds.
It is exciting yet scary.
It is amazing yet overwhelming.
It is cause for moments of awe.
Our knees crumble, bowed down before the King.
We pour out our hearts.
We love, yet we need.
He is near.
We feel Him.
He comforts and reassures.
We trust.
We believe.
We are grateful.
We treasure this LOVE that came down.
You have held us up.
You have encouraged. You have loved.
Thank you. Thank you!
May you and yours have a blessed Christmas
celebrating the One that came as LOVE
to seek and save all those in need!

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