December 6, 2010

The Mattress People....UGH! Am I Still in Africa?

So, we (mostly Marc until I got involved today) have been enduring a very long, frustrating, irritating drama with a local mattress company. The only real purchase we have made since we arrived back in the US has been a mattress for us. Well let's say, we have made the purchase, as in have paid cash for the item but have yet to actually receive the mattress we ordered. We were intitially told it would take two weeks but since we were going to be away traveling we told them that we would gladly pick it up upon our return an extra two weeks later. Well, when Marc returned from his portion of our traveling low and behold the mattress was not at the store. It had mistakenly not been ordered. So he waited, patiently I might add. They continued with the excuses and delays and eventually because he was adamant that he must have a mattress for his wife to sleep on after her being on the road traveling for 6 weeks they gave him a mattress to have on loan  from thier floor stock while our original NEW mattress was still on order. Of course, it was due any moment of any day....this is the part where I feel just like we are in Africa except Africans are generally up front about not knowing when you will ever get the item. They do not generally tell you that on Monday or Friday it will definitely be here and then it is not anywhere in sight. So we continued to wait. Marc continued to visit. Marc continued to call and STILL NO BED. Today, Marc finally told me to go ahead and try to get through to them and see what can be resolved. After hearing about how the shipment did not come in AGAIN, I informed the nice man that we will be having our money refunded and that it will need to be present in my account before they snag the mattress out from underneath me that we are currently "borrowing." He agreed that he could do that but not in cash but redeposited into my account. I halted the conversation at that point to call my bank and find out how long this process may take. It seems it will take 2-3 days from the time they enter the transaction but I again I have not been able to reach my mattress man after several phone calls this afternoon. I am thinking my number is looking a little too familar on his caller ID but we will see how this ongoing saga ends. So far it has been going on for 2 months and 5 days......Let's just say I NEVER, EVER thought I would long for my thin, cheap, foam mattress in Africa but that day has come.

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Julie said...

I hope you get it sorted soon. Very frustrating.

But let me just say I loved your choice of words.

'…Marc finally told me to go ahead and try to get through to them…'

I can so see Marc finally giving in to let you take care of it, as he knows they they will not know what hit them as you will take none of their stuffing around.


Love you guys xoxo