March 6, 2011

Cooking Stateside

So, one of the things I have really missed not having our own place, like most woman would I imagine, is not having my own kitchen. I enjoy cooking and baking because it makes me feel as though I am caring for my family in a tangible way. In Africa, you learn to be creative and resourceful as many ingredients are not available. You also learn to cook and bake a lot from scratch because there are not many prepared items and what few they have are usually outrageously priced. So I thank Africa for teaching me to love to cook and bake. Tonight is the first night I am making a real meal since landing in our new place. On the menu for this evening.......
Honey Teriyaki Chicken Breasts
Rice Pilaf
Fresh Garlic Pepper and Herb Roasted Green Beans 
Garden Salad
and for Dessert
 Brownies topped with Cherry Vanilla Frozen Yogurt

I am pretty popular around here tonight. Haven't you heard that a way to a man's (our young man's) heart is through his stomach. VOILA....I am firmly planted in all three of my men's hearts tonight.

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