March 18, 2011

God's Resonsible for the Increase

This is an email we received a couple of months ago from our Mozambican friend, Antonio. When we originally met Antonio he was a Bible school student, then a staff member at the mission base we were overseeing. He was a great blessing to Marc and we have maintained a relationship with him even though we were no longer working together when last in Mozambique. What a blessing to trust in God, the one that gives increase and promises that no seeds that are planted will return without a yield. I am not sure I am capable of truly explaining how uncommon and how wonderful it is to hear Antonio, allow God to birth a vision in Him to care and minister to his own people.
 "Hi Dear Pavkov’s,
Greetings with peace of the King of kings!! We are fine. It has passed a long time that we don’t communicate.

I would like to thank God for opening the opportunity for us to meet as one family. Also, I want to thank you for impacting Mozambicans especially me. I learned a lot from you guys. It's about one year since I left working with my former mission and am now working with the Sena tribe in Sofala province. I am a teacher of the Bible School training offered under Africa wa Yesu Mission (Africa for Jesus). Also, I have received a vision from God. The vision is to minister to ELDERLY’S HEARTS especially vulnerable widows. I’m taking it seriously. The vision is to impact them in three different areas: spiritually, morally and physically. In Sofala it is different with Manica province (where we were based and met Antonio). The land is not good for production. People suffer with hunger. You can have no idea howdifficult it is for the widows to be surviving . Those are real widows whose husbands died during war conflicts and some with different kind of illness.
So many of them are rejected with their relatives. Witchcraft and those things brings bitterness in their lives. Please pray with me. You know to start some thing is a challenge. I don’t speak theSena language. I have to find someone to translate for me. I don’t have the resources to support the vision. I HAVE to focus on teaching the word of God, telling them the position that they have in God. Bible studies will take key place, feeding them with word of God, prayers, helping them to grow in spiritual stuff. I have to deal with their culture and habits. The idea is to help them with physical needs like food, house for those that doesn’t have, clothing them, and taking care of them. We cannot just minister the word then say go in peace, while they are in need."

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