March 4, 2011


We are in our new home. It is nice to unpack and find a place for things. I still need to find the silverware and scissors but these things take time. My goal this weekend is to get the school room in order so Monday we can hit the books again after our week of moving vacation. We all are loving it. We feel at peace here.

Lately, I have been thinking hearts need a home as well. I am finding that at times mine feels like it is stretched out across the ocean, still attached to Africa and the people we left behind. I am not sure that I will ever lose that sense and maybe I am not supposed to really. When I look back over my life, I can see attachments of my heart scattered all across the globe because of the people I have been privlidged to share my life with to this point. What a treasure, even when it's painful. I thank the Lord for each one He has placed in my life. I am realizing that home for my heart needs to be with the Lord alone. Not a place, not a people, but in Him. He gives me the gift of loving others, discovering new places, but only so my heart can grow more toward Him.

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Debby Abitz said...

That is a LOT of snow you got there!! The house looks a bit like your other one in Hillsboro. Is it bigger, smaller, does it have a basement? It looks cozy from the outside. Glad you're getting settled.